Organizer Resources

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General Tips:

  • Start early. Get the word out about ultimate as soon as school starts. Even if you don't want to compete in the fall and winter, you can host weekly or monthly pick-up or practices and get players interested.
  • Keep a contact list. Start tracking names of both players AND parents as soon as you can. If a student shows up to practice, write their name and email address down. Keep a spreadsheet or google spreadsheet (you can all share it!) with name, number, email address, grade, parents names, parent number, parent email.
  • Hold meetings throughout the year. Have a meeting a couple weeks after school starts with players AND parents to gauge interest. See what you're dealing with. Do you have enough interest for a JV team? or a girls team? Might you need to enlist a coach? or a second or third coach? Recommended: fall meeting, winter meeting, spring Meeting PLUS potentially an extra meeting before a big trip/tournament/event.
  • Give parents/families handouts with information:
    • General layout of the year
    • Contact info for team leaders
    • Pertinent website addresses
    • List of required items (do you need physicals? USAU memberships? CPU memberships?)
    • Costs
  • Create a dues system. If players put money down at the beginning of the year/season, the team does not need to front money for anything moving forward. It also adds a level of commitment to the squad. Use this Team Dues Calculator to see what it would cost each of your players for the whole season.
  • Have the players sign a Player Contract. This should be tailored to your team.
  • Collect paper copies of Medical Forms on Day 1. Keep them together and keep them with someone who is at all team events. These can be used at all games and tournaments throughout the year.

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